Within the last few years, equestrian fencing has really emerged and developed with the introduction of a number of new fencing options such as horse rail, hot cote and equine fencing to name a few. As fencing contractors in Cheshire, we firmly believe each type of equestrian fencing offers their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages from costs to ease of installation.

Well, just like how you wouldn’t protect an expensive painting with a cheap frame, the same example should, and must, be applied when it comes to looking after your horses!  As experts in equestrian fencing with over 10 years experience as Cheshire fencing contractors, we have put together a comprehensive introduction to the 3 best equestrian fencing options available to keep your stables, riding centres and farms as secure and safe as possible for your horses.

Electric Fencing

Electric equestrian fencing are very cost-effective and are relatively easy to install which makes them a very popular fencing option. Available in all types and colours, electric fencing can be implemented as a stand-alone fencing option or could be used in conjunction with several other types of fencing options such as post and rail and equinet fencing. When installed with other fencing, electric fencing usually increases the effectiveness, durability and longevity of other fencing materials as it prevents horses from leaning or chewing on them.

Only using the best insulator and tensioning tools on the market, Stockdale Fencing guarantee only a gentle shock will be applied but horses usually learn rapidly after one experience to avoid leaning or chewing on them to provide a strong, durable fence.  

As fencing contractor experts in Cheshire, we can supply and fit electric fencing units and offer advice and support on how to manage your electric fencing. We recommend HotCote to all our new and existing clients which is a 10mm line that’s longer lasting and stronger that the typical electrical tape as it’s more weather resistant and can be easily re-tensioned over time.

Post and Rail Fencing

Post and Rail fencing is a traditional choice which still remains very popular today. Traditional post and rail fencing continues to be aesthetically pleasing and can enhance any equestrian property. The fencing is attractive, durable and relatively long-lasting for the typical British seasons and is usually very easy for horses to see and remain within their desired boundaries. As fencing contractor Cheshire specialists, Stockdale Fencing can supply and install post and rail fencing in 2, 3 and 4 rail options in various heights available to suit any sized equestrian animal.

Much like electric fencing, we offer all our new and existing clients products that will complement any type of equestrian fencing. For post and rail fencing, we can recommend and install sheep netting which can easily be attached for smaller livestock along with any electrical tape to prevent any rubbing or chewing. Get in touch with your fencing contractor experts in Cheshire for more information.

Horse Netting / Equinet Fencing

Also known as ‘Horse Netting’, equine fencing is a relatively new fencing technology that has been developed and designed for horses. Made from 2.5mm HT galvanised wire, the fencing is 110cm tall and much like sheep netting, provides small netting in the holes so the horses fee cannot pass through it. This particular style of fencing is extremely popular next to footpaths and walkways because this fence can keep any sized dogs out to protect your horses from being disrupted or even chased…

Similar in how sheep netting is implemented, we erect this particular style of fencing with straining posts at the ends where the wire is tensioned to give a strong, ridged fence that is supported by intermediate posts every 3.5 metres. Proving to be a very versatile option, as fencing contractors in Cheshire, this particular fencing option is popular to help protect dogs, sheep, goats and alpacas.

As industry leaders at the forefront of equniet fencing, stockdale fencing can provide a strand of electrical fencing to prevent any animals or humans from trying to enter or leaning into the fencing when horses are about. For other types of animals, we can also erect plain, barbed wire or sheep netting to achieve the same goal.

Why should you choose Stockdale Fencing as your Cheshire Fencing Contractors?

It’s simple really… with over 10 years experience within the equestrian fencing industry, we are one of fencing contractor industry leaders within the Cheshire area. Having owned and managed a full-livery yard for a number of years, we have the ability to advice and install the best possible fencing solutions to meet the demands of the customer with a special emphasis on horse safety.

Contact your Cheshire fencing contractor specialists for a free, no-obligation quote now to discuss your equestrian fencing needs. Give us a call on 01565 722 793 or drop us a quick email by sending your questions to info@stockdalefencing.com