After several weeks of exposure to the wind, rain, hail and various other winter elements, just about every type of fencing is put to the test over the colder months. From the wooden timber in post and rail being highly exposed to rotting, to larger furniture objects smashing through fence panels, choosing cheap fencing options may prove to be the smart choice in the short-term but can quickly become an expensive mistake, especially if horse netting or fencing is easily exposed and animals manage to escape from a livestock yard or equestrian.

Year after year, fencing contractors in Cheshire are repeatedly in high demand as they are often required to repair or even install fencing so those who were not prepared for strong winds. As fencing contractors with over 10 years experience within the industry, we have decided to put together a quick guide on how you can prepare and protect your fencing from being exposed to strong winds and winter storms so you don’t make the costly mistake of choosing cheap fencing.

Protecting Post and Rail Fencing

Although Post and Rail fencing are visually stunning and a highly popular choice amongst farmyards, livestock and equestrian centres, this type of fencing can quickly turn into a rapidly expensive option when customers decided to cut corners. Perhaps you might be in a rush to on a tight budget, but careful consideration must be considered as cheap materials can quickly become vulnerable after just a couple of years. When choosing Stockdale Fencing, we truly believe quality in material can never be compromised so will always implement the finest diamond timber from Ireland.  

With traditional, synthetic and split post and rail fencing to choose from, most fencing contractors will also offer 2, 3 and even 4 rail options. Using cheap rails can expose, weaken and even allow animals to easily escape so it is extremely important to choose high quality rails such as fully galvanised 100mm ring shank nails.

Post and Rail Fencing Tips

If you decide to go without a fencing contractor, the biggest piece of advice I can offer it to make sure all post and rail boundary fences are secure and posts are firmly set in the ground. To make sure the wood is exposed to root or made any weaker; make sure you prolong their life by regularly treating them with wood stain and preservative. If strong winds are coming, make sure you remove any large or loose objects that are close by any post and rail fencing.

Post and Rail Experts

If you are looking to repair, replace or erect post and rail fencing on your farm, livestock or equestrian, why not get in touch with the post and rail fencing contractor experts? Give our post and rail fencing experts a call on 07883 339 617 for all your agricultural, equestrian and domestic fencing enquires now.