With Spring swiftly approaching, the springtime season is usually associated with two different meanings. The first often signals the start of a warmer climate with renewal, regrowth and blooming of various wildlife springing from the ground. The other is the dreaded term “spring cleaning”. Although the term is loosely associated with housework, homeowners and equestrian centres alike often see the term spring cleaning as an opportunity to upgrade necessary household improvements such as replacing or erecting new fencing which is usually the reason why the demand for cheshire fencing contractors starts to rapidly increase when spring starts to arrive.


As the colder weather starts to disintegrate and the ground starts to dry out, our Cheshire fencing contractor experts will provide you with 3 reasons why you should look to hire Stockdale Fencing for all your agricultural, equestrian and domestic fencing needs when the demand for fencing starts to increase this spring.


Less impact on your landscape

With most trees, shrubs and plants becoming dormant and not likely to survive the colder climate, the start of spring signals the perfect time to install and erect any type of fencing as it’s far less damaging on your landscape. With this in mind and with a BSc degree in Agriculture, Stockdale Fencing can relocate or trim any existing bushes or plants that are near any current fences that will be replaced or potentially in any danger of where any new fencing may be installed meaning any plants or bushes are far less likely to be damaged during fence construction with minimum disruption.


Along with plants and shrubs, grass will have most likely gone dormant and won’t be affected by the equipment used when installing post and rail fencing meaning you will have plenty of time to treat the grass in time for when spring starts warming up.


Protect the safety of livestock

No matter what type or quality of fencing you have, sadly over time all types of fencing will start to erode due to the ever-changing weather elements or may be damaged by animals – All of which are sadly which are out of our control, regardless of how much you try to prolong your fencing.


With the ground starting to set firm, livestock and equestrian animals will start to return to the outside which may not be as animal proof as they once were before winter so as a cheshire fencing contractor, we always highly recommend conducting a full fencing inspection before letting any animals back outside. For total peace of mind knowing that your animals are safe and will continue to stay within the desired surroundings, springtime is usually when equestrian centres and farm yards alike will want to contact a fencing contractor in cheshire to help replace or erect new post and rail fencing, livestock fencing and electric fencing.


Prepare for Winter Elements

Now, I know you are probably questioning why you should consider winter at this time of year. Well the truth is, if your fencing has already started to crack and rot, it’s only going to erode and get more damaged overtime. Spring doesn’t always guarantee warmer weather and the summer heat can also expand the material as the year goes on, your fencing needs to be in great shape to prepare for the winter elements.  


Contact Stockdale Cheshire Fencing Contractors

As the weather starts to dry and warm up, fencing starts to become landowners focus which can lead to higher costs and longer wait times for installation due to the high volume of customers with most Fencing Contractors in Cheshire. However, Stockdale Fencing has grown its business to cope with high demand with the capacity to run three tracked post knockers two telehandlers and a JCB Fastrac which enables Stockdale Fencing to offer a short lead times and a much faster response. Give us a call on 01565 722 793 or for all your commercial, residential and equestrian fencing enquiries.