Over the past couple of years, I’m sure the new A556 dual carriageway work has affected or frustrated daily commute and travel plans for just about every driver in Cheshire! With the project first beginning in mid-November 2014, the existing A556 will become a single carriageway road with facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders alike.

With the project costing an estimated £191 million, the A556 Knutsford to Bowdon scheme reached a major milestone as drivers benefitted from the new, improved and safer journey route as the new free-flow arrangements with the M56 opened for the very first time in December 2016.

With the project expected to finished and open to the public in March 2017, read how post and rail fencing contractors Stockdale Fencing have been involved in the project for over two years in a variety of roles.


Livestock Fencing

Appointed as post and rail fencing contractors, Cheshire fencing contractors Stockdale originally first started work on the A556 Knutsford to Bowdon scheme in January 2015 and have seen great progression in the two years involved in the project. In that time, we have supplied and erected over 20,000 meters of highway specification fencing, the equivalent of just under 12.5 miles! Along with post and rail fencing, we were originally appointed to construct temporary livestock fencing to start with to mark out and secure the route safely to stop the public and animals from entering the site. From here, we included the addition of badger netting and livestock netting with barbed wire offering additional height in security and to stop larger animals from farms damaging any of the fencing.


Post and Rail Fencing

Not with just travellers in mind, we also fitted over 100 gates to provide easy highway access and to create new access for farmers and landowners. All gate furniture is galvanised and are fitted with adjustable field gate sets. With the new dual carriageway starting to take shape, our latest role involved in the project included installing strong, robust highway agency standard post and rail fencing which comes with a 25 year guarantee timber as permanent fencing. Available in a variety of heights, we use the finest diamond timber for Ireland for long lasting fencing.


Highway Fencing Contractors

As the project looks set to draw to a close, we are delighted to have been involved and working on the project for over the past two years and look forward to seeing the finished results. As CPCS and Lantra qualified operators, Stockdale Fencing operate to the highest of standards to comply with highway specifications so can work in a variety of roles on all major highway scheme projects. For all post and rail, livestock or highway fencing contractor enquiries, why not get in touch with the Cheshire post and rail fencing contractor experts.

Give Stockdale Fencing a call on 07883 338617 or send an email to info@stockdalefencing.com for a no-obligation quote on a number of our fencing services.