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Earlier this month, after a long two-year wait, we saw the return of The Royal Cheshire Show. This time organisers switched up and instead of the two-day mid-week show we’ve always known it became a one-day weekend event. Further to this we also welcomed a one-day mid-week event in the form of ‘The Cheshire Agricultural Trade Fair’. This was the perfect opportunity for those who live and breathe agriculture to take some time off the farm and use the day to finally catch up with the wider farming community and to start making some new connections once again. I think it would be fair to say that both shows were a huge success for everyone involved!! Many rural and agricultural businesses came together to exhibit at one of or both shows, ourselves included in that. It was so great to see so many friendly faces, both new and those more familiar on our stand. Both ourselves and our sister company, Cheshire Trailers, had a really successful few days. We felt a real buzz around the stand with many enquiries into both our fencing and trailer work, including some successful sales with our Nugent trailer sales. We really hope the pandemic eases even further in time for summer 2022 and it will hopefully allow the success of the shows from 2021 to continue to grow. I think all involved will strongly agree that it was just great to be back!