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This winter and spring has seen a rise in footpath fencing. Installations have included National Trust work, private estates and land owners with public footpath access. Since the initial lockdown of 2020 the popularity in enjoying our local countryside has sharply increased. There has been a vast interest in the public using and enjoying local footpaths, this in turn has lead to a need to improve them from a safety and practical perspective. Much of the work our teams have carried out is deer fencing, livestock fencing and netting. These are really great options for keeping livestock and deer safe within their surroundings. It also helps prevent the public accessing the animals, including dogs gaining access to the animals. It’s always vital to remember to try and keep your dog on a lead, certainly where livestock are present. Cheshire East have reported a number of incidents lately whereby dogs have been allowed off leads which in turn has affected livestock and their young. It is paramount we remain safe on our footpaths but that also includes taking responsibility of the livestock in the surrounding areas. Livestock and other fencing is in place to help encourage this, and here at Stockdale Fencing we are always really keen to contribute in keeping our countryside safe for all users.