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Electric fence tape has long been a popular and practical choice as a safe solution for horse fencing in equestrian yards, paddocks and fields. It’s renowned for being affordable, quick to install, and relatively easily to break in an emergency.

Although there are plenty of options available for equestrian fencing, Tornado White Lightning is considered to be the modern version of horse tape and – despite the name – it’s also available in brown.

The advantages of Tornado Lightning are that it’s incredibly durable, and because it’s highly tensionable, it doesn’t flap about annoyingly in the wind.

We prefer to fit it to wooden posts (although it can be fitted to any type of post) placed at 3 metre intervals, on insulators, and then it can be electrified just like traditional tape.

White Lightning is installed in the same way as high tensile wire, but it offers horses significantly more protection by preventing them from jumping it, rubbing it, or chewing on it.

Any number of line wires can be installed, and it can be used with other types of horse fencing. This means that height, visibility and additional security can all be adapted to cater more exactly to the horse’s needs and the owner’s requirements.

With a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty, long-lasting, maintenance-free, highly visible and permanent, White Lightning is a great option for keeping the horses in.

At Stockdale Fencing we have years of experience in the installation of equestrian fencing. For advice, information, or to talk through your options, just get in touch.