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At this time of year, most of us understand that noise from elsewhere is part and parcel of the experience when we’re in our outdoor spaces. It might be road or railway line noise, or it might even be your neighbour’s musical barbecues. And of course, if you’re the ones outside making noise, it will probably be having the same effect on them. Acoustic fencing can provide the solution.

  • More time spent outside means more exposure to noise.
  • Road, rail, or neighbours are likely to be the cause.
  • Acoustic fencing can help.

Outside spaces are great places to spend time, especially when the weather is fine, but if you live near to a busy road, a railway line, or are within close earshot of your neighbours, you might wonder if there is any way to dampen down the noise, or at least distract from it.

Acoustic timber fences are a cost-effective potential solution. Built out of dense timber and configured in a tight formation with few gaps, double-boarded, multi-sided acoustic timber fences can really help to minimise the noise by providing a solid barrier that reflects sound in all directions.

This means that as well as keeping other noises out, you’re also keeping your own noise in – enhancing your own privacy and having less of an effect on your neighbours when they’re outside too.

So long as the fence is high enough and has no gaps between panels and palings, it can be an effective noise reducer and provide a smart private screen with a modern aesthetic, as well as helping to deter unwanted visitors.

Ideal for domestic settings, acoustic fencing also works well in more commercial settings such as civils, road schemes, and housing developments.