Stockdale Fencing | Post and rail fencing | Misty muddy track and broken fence

Whether for livestock, equestrian, civils, or domestic use, as autumn and winter approach and the weather become ever more unpredictable, it’s a good time to check your fences or get them checked professionally.

If they need maintenance, now is the time. Autumn’s piled up wet leaves create increased moisture which although it may not be immediately noticeable, encourages decay which can leave the fence unstable, while winter snow, ice, wind, and rain are only going to lessen a fence’s lifespan.

While wet weather may hinder some maintenance, we are fully equipped to work in wet conditions, and with tracked vehicles there is no risk of us getting stuck, or making too much mess.

Besides which, maintenance is likely to be easier before the weather gets too bad so it’s a good idea to reapply protective stain if necessary and repair or replace any structural damage such as broken, rotting, and damaged boards, posts, and rails.

And, if you decide that your fence needs a complete overhaul or even replacement, we can remove and dispose of old fencing before we begin installing your new fence. All the materials we use are built to last and all of our timber is pressure treated to a minimum standard of HC4 which can provide a service life of 10 Years.