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Act Now for Spring Harmony

As winter relinquishes its grasp and the promise of spring beckons, agricultural contractors and landowners, it’s time to turn your attention to the vital upkeep of trees, hedges and fences.

Beyond the visual appeal, there’s a crucial ecological responsibility: ensuring any work that may affect these natural habitats is completed before the bird nesting season takes flight. Bird nesting season varies depending on species but generally runs from March to August.

Understanding the Time Sensitivity

With the end of February looming, the urgency to act becomes paramount. Every day counts in preparing your land for the impending bird nesting season. Waiting until the last minute risks coinciding with early nesting, potentially causing unnecessary disturbance and possibly even landing you in hot water with the law!

Why February Matters

  1. Early Bird Nesting Preparation: Acting before the end of February ensures your tree and hedge work is completed well ahead of birds actively seeking nesting sites.
  2. Legal Compliance Assurance: Timing is key for legal compliance. Undertaking maintenance before February ends ensures alignment with wildlife protection laws, keeping you in the clear.
  3. Secure Your Spot: Booking our services before the rush of spring ensures your preferred schedule, allowing our team to efficiently address your needs while prioritising bird safety.

Benefits of Swift Action

  1. Proactive Habitat Preservation: Early intervention guarantees your natural habitats remain robust, providing secure locations for birds to nest and nurture their young.
  2. Avoiding Disturbance: Completing tree and hedge work, as well as any fencing work that may interfere with these, before the nesting season means minimal disturbance to nesting birds, reducing stress and preserving habitat integrity.
  3. Peace of Mind: Get ahead of the curve and enjoy peace of mind, knowing your property is not only visually appealing but also a haven for local wildlife.

Take the Initiative: Call Us Today!

We understand the time-sensitive nature of this work and are here to assist you in ensuring a seamless transition from winter to spring. Don’t let the opportunity slip away – give us a call now to book your tree and hedge maintenance services before the end of February.