Badger Fencing

Badgers are a large burrowing mammal that have seen their numbers increase over the last 10 years especially around Cheshire and the North West.

Badger fencing is used to protect areas where they can become a danger to themselves and others. For example roads and livestock

If badgers enter busy roads such as bypasses and motorways that could not only run over but also could cause accidents. Badgers have been proven to carry bovine TB. Some areas and farms have installed badger fencing to protect their cattle from the spread of the disease.

Badger Fencing can be a stand alone fence or it can be in cooperated with post and rail fencing or livestock fencing.

Badger fencing is made up of strong high tensile wire netting which is used to prevent the badger climbing and or taring through it. The wire netting is also buried to prevent the badger digging underneath.

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