Equestrian Fencing

Stockdale Fencing has over 10 years’ experience in horse fencing. The proprietor, Tom Stockdale has owned horses for many years and has managed a full-livery yard with his wife, Veronica. This gives Stockdale Fencing the ability to advise and install the best products to meet the demands of the customer, with a special emphasis on horse safety.

In the last 10 years, horse fencing has really developed with the introduction of Horse rail, hot cote and equi-net. Stockdale Fencing has lots of experience fitting all these types of fencing, including the more traditional post and rail. For more detailed information on these products please see the tabs below.

Horse electric fencing has advanced a lot over the last 10 years and Stockdale Fencing can offer a range of electric fencing options. These can be offered in conjunction with most other fencing. I.e. post and rail, livestock or equinet. Electric fencing can help protect the fence by preventing rubbing and chewing, making it more durable and giving it a longer life.

Stockdale Fencing can install all types and colours of tape to meet the demands of the client. Stockdale Fencing uses the best insulators and tensioning tools to make sure your electric fence is a strong, durable fence.

Horserail is a relatively new product and offers a traditional post and rail-like appearance, but can also be electrified. More information is available at the Horserail website. Please click to visit.

We recommend a product called HotCote, which is an 10mm line that comes in white or brown. It is longer lasting and stronger than tape. It does not flap in the wind and can be easily re-tensioned over time.

We can supply and fit electric fencing units and offer advice and support on how to manage your electric fencing.

Equinet has been specifically designed for horses. It is made from 2.5mm HT galvanised wire and is 110cm tall. The holes in the netting are small, so that horse feet cannot pass through it.

We erect this fence in a similar way to sheep netting; it has straining posts at the ends where the wire is tensioned to give a strong rigid fence that is supported by intermediate posts every 3.5 metres.

It is popular next to footpaths, because this fence can keep any size dog out and protect your animals from being chased.

A good application is against a hedge. Trim the hedge back then install the equinet and the hedge will grow back through to make a superb, long-term secure barrier.

Equinet is versatile and has a number of applications as it can be used to separate/contain a variety of animals. Horses, dogs, sheep, goats and alpacas.

When equinet is installed we find that it is best complemented with a strand of electric fence, plain or barbed wire on the top. This protects the fence and prevents animals from leaning over. In most horse situations we would recommend a stand of brown nylon electric fence to be installed on insulators.

Stockdale Fencing are experts in post and rail fencing. It can be supplied and installed in 2, 3 and 4 rail options. Traditional post and rail is aesthetically pleasing and can enhance any equestrian property.

Post and rail is a strong, robust fence and is proven to be safe for horses. We have various heights available to suit every equine friend, from a Shetland pony to a Warmblood stallion.

We only use the finest Diamond timber from Ireland.

We are expert fitters using lower ground pressure machines leaving the ground undisturbed.

Use fully galvanised 100mm ring shank nails so rails cannot come off

All operators cpcs qualified and fully insured with over 5 years’ experience

Other products that complement it

Sheep netting can be attached for smaller livestock

Stands of electric can be fitted to prevent rubbing and chewing

Horse netting can be fitted for small animals, and livestock, more horse-friendly than sheep netting

Stockdale fencing is one of the UK’s leading fencing contractors for supply and fitting Horsesrail.

Horserail is a 5inch plastic tape with the ability to be electrified to prevent horses chewing and rubbing on it. It comes in white, black and brown and is extremely visible which helps horses see it to define their paddock boundary.

Horserail is extremely durable and boasts a 30 year manufacturer’s warranty. Stockdale fencing combines horserail with Octo posts who offer a 25 year warranty on their range of timber.

This combined means Stockdale fencing can offer a long term low maintenance fence, that is extremely safe, durable and long lasting.

Stockdale fencing is one of the UK’s leading fencing contractors for supply and fitting Hotcote.

Hotcote is a plastic coated cable available in white, brown and black. It has the ability to be electrified to prevent horses chewing and rubbing on it.

Hotcote is a modern version of electric tape. It has a 30 year manufacturers warranty, it does not flap in the wind, it can be highly tensioned and offers a long term maintenance free fence.

Hotcote can be used as a multi strand option or can be used in conjunction with other fence types to prevent chewing and rubbing.

Stockdale Fencing can offer a full variety of gates to meet the demands of the customer.

Wooden gate

7 bar wooden gates available in all sizes up to 12ft

Double gates can be used to extend beyond 12ft

All gate furniture is galvanised

All fitted with adjustable field gate sets, so they can be adjusted over time.

Hung professionally on 8ft wooden gate posts.

Gate posts driven in or concreted

Variety of catches available depending on the individual requirement.

Wooden Entrance gates also available

Bespoke gates and posts available on request

Galvanised Gates

7 bar full box profile galvanised gates available in all sizes up to 16ft

Double gates can be used to extend beyond 16ft

Each gate is fitted with two adjustable eyes for full adjustment

Galvanised gates can be hung on wooden or metal posts

Gate posts can be driven in or concreted

Variety of catches available depending on the individual requirement.

Electric Bungee Gates

Stockdale fencing can offer any size electric bungee gate to work in conjunction with electric fencing. Each bungee gate comes complete with a handle and connection

Safety, precision and value.

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