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Equestrian Fencing

Stockdale Fencing has over 15 years of experience in installing equestrian fencing. As horse owners ourselves, we understand the need for only the best quality fencing for your horses. Our experience in this area gives us the ability to advise and install the best products for your needs. We place a special emphasis on both safety and practicality.

The options available for equestrian fencing have developed significantly in the last decade.  We have seen the introduction of products such as Horse Fence, Horserail, and White Lightening, which offer us a great range of options, and something to suit every situation and taste. The more traditional options such as post and rail are also great choices for equestrian properties. For more detailed information on these products please see the tabs below.

Horse Fence has been specifically designed and developed for fencing horse paddocks. This netting is made from high-tensile galvanised wire which is stronger and more durable than mind steel. The small holes in the Horse Fence netting are designed to prevent horses from getting their feet through the wire. The small holes make this type of fencing effective in keeping dogs and other livestock in or out of the paddock, making it ideally suited for fencing footpaths and dog paddocks as well.

We install this type of fence with an intermediate post every 3 meters, and a straining post a maximum of every 50 meters, or at every significant change of direction. The wire stands 110cm tall and is best complemented with a strand of plain wire. For horse paddocks, we also recommend a strand of electrified nylon, this prevents the horse from leaning over or rubbing on the fence.

Traditional post and rail fencing is a strong and robust fence that is proven to be safe for horses. This type of fencing is aesthetically pleasing and can enhance any equestrian property, it can be installed in 2, 3 and 4 rail options.

We install this type of fence with a post every 1.8 meters. The rails used are 3.5×1.5, and the customer can choose from 5×3 or 6×3 posts. The timber we use is hazard class 4 tanalised treated timber which meets the British standard for timber in direct contact with the ground, it is also very strong and durable.

Post and rail can be complemented with horse netting, stock netting, and/or electrified nylon.

Stockdale Fencing is one of the UK’s leading contractors for the supply and fit of Horserail.  Horserail is a post and rail style fence that is manufactured from high-quality medium density polyethylene that is molecularly bonded to high tensile steel fencing wire. Horserail has the option to be electrified along the top and bottom of each rail, depending on the needs of you and your animals. There are no sharp edges and the rail has a tensile strength of approximately 2000kg, meaning there is no danger of horses braking through the fencing. Horserail is especially popular with stallion owners as it is strong and durable but also forgiving enough to withstand their antics! Should a horse become trapped in the fence, the rail is flexible enough to allow the horse to escape without injury, but also rigid enough to prevent the rail from wrapping around the horses legs.

This type of fencing provides a long-term, low-maintenance fence that is safe, durable, and long-lasting. We install this type of fence with a post every 3 meters, we recommend Octoposts which are a Swedish Creosoted post with a 25-year guarantee.

White Lightning is the modern version of electric tape and has a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty. It can be highly tensioned which prevents it from flapping around in the wind. This type of fencing is a long-term maintenance-free option for fencing horse paddocks. White Lightning is a highly visible permanent electric fence engineered for durability and resistance to wear, tt installs like high tensile wire but offers far greater protection to horses. Any number of line wires can be installed and can be used in conjunction with other varieties of horse fencing to improve height, visibility or additional security. We install this type of fence with a post every 3 meters, it can be fitted to any type of post.

Post and rail, and horse netting fences can be complimented by a single strand of electrified nylon to prevent the horses from leaning over or rubbing on the fence. We can supply and fit electric fencing units and offer advice and support on how to manage your electric fencing.

Stockdale Fencing does not install fencing using traditional electric tape, this type of fence is high maintenance and can become ineffective in a short space of time. Where a full electric fence is required, we would highly recommend Horserail or White Lightning.

Stockdale Fencing can offer a full variety of gates to meet the demands of the customer.

Wooden gate

7 bar wooden gates available in all sizes up to 12ft

Double gates can be used to extend beyond 12ft

All gate furniture is galvanised

All fitted with adjustable field gate sets, so they can be adjusted over time.

Hung professionally on 8ft wooden gate posts.

Gate posts driven in or concreted

Variety of catches available depending on the individual requirement.

Wooden Entrance gates also available

Bespoke gates and posts available on request

Galvanised Gates

7 bar full box profile galvanised gates available in all sizes up to 16ft

Double gates can be used to extend beyond 16ft

Each gate is fitted with two adjustable eyes for full adjustment

Galvanised gates can be hung on wooden or metal posts

Gate posts can be driven in or concreted

Variety of catches available depending on the individual requirement.

Electric Bungee Gates

Stockdale fencing can offer any size electric bungee gate to work in conjunction with electric fencing. Each bungee gate comes complete with a handle and connection

Horse Fence gives me peace of mind knowing that my horses can‘t get their feet through the wire and get stuck. It also has the added bonus that loose dogs from the footpath can no longer get into the paddock