AI technology tools, for example the language processing software ChatGPT, are destined to change how we learn, how we train, and how we work. Take the construction industry which, like others, inevitably looks for ways to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness. AI has the potential to transform these areas at a rapidly accelerating pace. Increasing automation […]

Stockdale Fencing | Post and Rail Fencing | Agri Trade Fair 2022

There was a great turn out for this year’s Agri Trade Fair which was held earlier this month. The Agri Trade Fair, now in its second year, was put together in 2021 to showcase agricultural & rural businesses in Cheshire. Despite the weather not being in our favour, the fair was still a great success. […]

Stockdale Fencing | Post and Wire Fencing | Goat

With winter almost behind us and a glimmer of Spring on the horizon now is the time to get those fences ready for action. As we head into spring it is vital you check your livestock and equine fencing for any signs of natural wear and tear. Often across the winter months grass levels are […]

Stockdale Fencing | Post and Rail Fencing | Footpath fencing

This winter and spring has seen a rise in footpath fencing. Installations have included National Trust work, private estates and land owners with public footpath access. Since the initial lockdown of 2020 the popularity in enjoying our local countryside has sharply increased. There has been a vast interest in the public using and enjoying local […]

Stockdale Fencing | Post and Rail Fencing | Posts and netting

It definitely feels like life is slowly starting to recover from the turbulence of the last two years and with this in mind we are ready and raring to tackle 2022 head on. With a handful of large fencing projects in place across the northwest, we have expanded our staff and now have up to […]

Stockdale Fencing | Post and Rail Fencing | Cheshire Show Stand

Earlier this month, after a long two-year wait, we saw the return of The Royal Cheshire Show. This time organisers switched up and instead of the two-day mid-week show we’ve always known it became a one-day weekend event. Further to this we also welcomed a one-day mid-week event in the form of ‘The Cheshire Agricultural […]

Stockdale Fencing | Post and Rail Fencing | Christmas tree

It’s all been a bit doom and gloom this year but the festive season is fast approaching and no one can take the jingle of those festive bells away from us. With this in mind it seems appropriate to mention the comeback of our Christmas tree pop up shop here at Stockdale Fencing HQ (located […]

Stockdale Fencing | Post and Rail Fencing | Newt Shelter

It’s a busy time of year for the newt world. We have spent much of the last month creating Newt ponds and hibernacula for these protected species. Newts and their eggs, breeding sites and resting places are protected by law. Prior to fencing and other construction jobs we often get called in to build specialist […]

Stockdale Fencing | Post and Rail Fencing | fence and hedge

Finally, we made it to May, after an unusual few month (and some more to come I’m sure) we have returned to the fields and are back open for business. We feel very lucky that here at Stockdale Fencing we work in the great outdoors and therefore it has allowed us to get back up […]

Stockdale Fencing | Post and Rail Fencing | horserail

This month we bring you a special equine product feature piece about our highly popular and widely used Horserail fencing. Here at Stockdale Fencing we are one of the UK’s leading fencing contractors for supplying and fitting of Horserail. Horserail is renowned for being highly safe and durable whilst being adaptable to all forms and […]

Stockdale Fencing | Post and Rail Fencing | Fence and field

With winter almost behind us and a glimmer of Spring on the horizon now is the time to get those fences ready for action. The recent heavy rainfall and strong winds has meant both internal and external damage has been caused across the country. Due to its often-exposed positioning fencing is one area which regularly […]

Stockdale Fencing | Post and Rail Fencing | Cheshire Show

2020 looks set to be a good one with lots of events and projects to look forward to. Last year saw a large spectrum of projects completed across the North West and this year sets to be the same. In recent years we have exhibited at local shows, unfortunately last summer was a bit of […]

Stockdale Fencing | Stockproof Fencing | Team

2019 has been another busy year here at Stockdale Fencing. We have taken on projects small and large across the whole of the North West and beyond. Fencing has ranged from paddock and footpath fencing to golf course markers and newt fencing… to name a few! A rather rainy summer saw a very wet Cheshire […]

Stockdale Fencing | Post and Rail Fencing | Snowy Fence

Did you know that we offer more than just fencing? From the practical to the magical, here at Stockdale Fencing we’re here to cover all your winter needs. If, like us, icy roads are your least favourite part of the season, be safe in the knowledge that Stockdale Fencing has a full fleet of gritting […]

Stockdale Fencing | Post and Rail Fencing | Tom and Sign

2009 saw the start-up of a small, homegrown business by husband and wife duo, Tom and Veronica Stockdale. At this time Tom was the only employee, with a desk and a phone and a lot of bright ideas. Business at this point was generated by local farmers and word of mouth. Fast forward 10 years […]

Stockdale Fencing | Newt Fencing | Alcumus Accredited

We are proud to announce that Stockdale Fencing are now SafeContractor Accredited. So what does that mean and how does it benefit you? Here at Stockdale Fencing we have always taken health and safety very seriously and the SafeContractor health and safety accreditation ensures that we are fully compliant with health and safety legislation. SafeContractor has […]

Stockdale Fencing | Newt Fencing | Royal Cheshire County Show Logo

Stockdale fencing is excited to announce there attendance at Bolesworth International show and the Royal Cheshire Show this summer. The Royal Cheshire show takes place on the 19th and 20th June at the Tabley showground. Stockdale fencing continues to sponsor the Royal Cheshire with continued support around the show site and this year helping to […]

Stockdale Fencing | Meadow Flowers | Fences

Spring has finally arrived and Stockdale fencing has nearly put away all the gritting equipment and snow ploughs as the beast from the east keeps reappearing. Stockdale fencing has had an extremely busy Winter seeing us installing livestock fencing, newt fencing and temporary fencing throughout Cheshire and the North West.  The Spring is already looking […]

This is a slow motion video of installing a large straining post with our Protech Evo 1 Slew. This machine boasts a 300kg plus weight combined with low ground pressure extending tracks. It also has the ability to slew round 120 degrees to access even the tightest of spaces.

The Northwest has seen some of the strongest storms during 2017 and now is the perfect time to check your fencing for damage. As we fast approach turnout for livestock it is important to check your livestock fencing for any damage and assess general condition. Stockdale fencing can offer any service from patching to renewing […]

It’s that time of year again, the annual Cheshire Ploughing Match is fast approaching. (September 27th). The team at Stockdale fencing have been busy planning our stand and look forward to attending. Some of our specialist fencing team will be on hand to discuss developments in fencing such as pressure treated creosote posts and advances […]

Stockdale Fencing | Fencing Low pressure ground working | Machinery

Stockdale fencing can now offer a complete low ground pressure package with the use of our latest tracked JCB Robot. This machine enables us to work in wet conditions with minimal impact to the ground. Although we are in July these are some photos of a recent job we undertook where our tele-handler would not […]

Stockdale Fencing | Wooden and Wire Fencing | Cheshire Show stand
Stockdale Fencing | Latest Machinery Fencing | Latest Machine

Over the past couple of years, I’m sure the new A556 dual carriageway work has affected or frustrated daily commute and travel plans for just about every driver in Cheshire! With the project first beginning in mid-November 2014, the existing A556 will become a single carriageway road with facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders […]

With Spring swiftly approaching, the springtime season is usually associated with two different meanings. The first often signals the start of a warmer climate with renewal, regrowth and blooming of various wildlife springing from the ground. The other is the dreaded term “spring cleaning”. Although the term is loosely associated with housework, homeowners and equestrian […]

After several weeks of exposure to the wind, rain, hail and various other winter elements, just about every type of fencing is put to the test over the colder months. From the wooden timber in post and rail being highly exposed to rotting, to larger furniture objects smashing through fence panels, choosing cheap fencing options […]

A busy month for Cheshire Fencing Contractors It’s been a very busy few weeks here at Stockdale Fencing! As a matter of fact, I would say a very busy few months, with the build up to Christmas always proving to be the busiest period for any Cheshire fencing contractors. Just to prove we have actually […]

Within the last few years, equestrian fencing has really emerged and developed with the introduction of a number of new fencing options such as horse rail, hot cote and equine fencing to name a few. As fencing contractors in Cheshire, we firmly believe each type of equestrian fencing offers their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages […]

Different types of post and rail fencing Post and Rail fencing in Cheshire has proven to be a strong and robust style of fencing to battle the elements within the rural and equestrian communities for a number of generations. Over time, this particular style of horse fencing has continued to evolve and change into a […]