Rabbit Fencing

Rabbit fencing is used to protect crops trees and plants. Over the last 10 years, Stockdale Fencing have installed rabbit fencing on a variety of sites including farms, estates, tree plantations, gardens, and allotments where the rabbit population is a problem for landowners.

We use 1200 x 30 x 1.2mm premium Hex Net from Tornado wire. Once installed, the wire stands 1 metre above the ground, with a 20cm turned base buried below the ground. This method has proven to be the most effective way to exclude rabbits.

This fence is installed with an intermediate post every 3 meters and a straining post at every significant change of direction. Once the posts and strainers are installed, we use our excavator to dig a trench around the outside of the fence line. Plain wire is then pulled tightly around the posts, and the Hex Net is attached to this wire using hog rings, with the bottom 20cm of wire in the trench. The trench is then backfilled, burying the wire. The area can then be reseeded at the customers request.