Although traditional post and rail fencing has been a popular choice for many years, to maintain strength and longevity it needs proper maintenance, especially over winter. After several weeks of exposure to the wind, rain, hail, and various other winter elements, the wooden timber in post and rail being can be at risk of rotting, weakening and at risk of breaking, which in turn leaves livestock or horses vulnerable. So how do you prepare and protect your post and rail fencing?

  • Post and rail fencing is a popular choice for many fencing applications.
  • Wooden fencing can experience a lot of damage over winter leaving both fence and the livestock vulnerable.
  • How can you protect and prepare post and rail fencing from damage due to bad weather?

So, before the winter season ends, there are steps you can take to give them the best chance of survival.

Firstly, check that post and rail boundary fences are secure and that the posts are set firmly and solidly in the ground. Remove any large or loose objects near the fence that might hit and damage it when the wind gets up. Try and clear away high grass that’s touching the fence so that it doesn’t stay wet even when it isn’t raining, or if possible, try to ensure that the base of the post has adequate drainage to wick water away.

Preserve and protect the timber by treating it with preservative and wood stain, or paint. Stain will protect by penetrating the wood while painting protects by forming a barrier on the surface. Remember to treat the tops of cut posts and the ends where they join other pieces of timber. Any unprotected wood can lead to water ingress which in turn can lead to rot.

If you notice any damage to the fence and need to repair or replace a rail, consider using screws rather than nails. Although nails are quicker, easier, and cheaper, screws don’t rust, they are more secure, and less likely to be pulled out under pressure from sagging wood.

With traditional, synthetic and split post and rail fencing to choose from, most fencing contractors will also offer 2, 3 and even 4 rail options. Using cheap rails can expose, weaken and even allow animals to easily escape so it is extremely important to choose high quality rails such as fully galvanised 100mm ring shank nails. Whilst this may initally appear to be a more costly option, taken over the whole life costs of the fence, it may well be an investment work making.

Unfortunately, choosing cheaper options when it comes to post and rail may end up being false economy if it just collapses due to high winds and inclement winter weather.

Timely repair and maintenance can lengthen the life of post and rail fencing. If you’re considering involving a professional fencing company, it’s probably worth making sure that they are CPCS, CSCS, & NPTC qualified, and fully insured.

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A busy month for Cheshire Fencing Contractors

It’s been a very busy few weeks here at Stockdale Fencing! As a matter of fact, I would say a very busy few months, with the build up to Christmas always proving to be the busiest period for any Cheshire fencing contractors. Just to prove we have actually been busy with various projects, I thought this would be the perfect platform to display just a small selection of various post and rail fencing, horse fencing and various other fencing contractor projects we have been up to recently…

A556 Motorway Post and Rail Fencing

I’m sure by now you have probably come across the confusing new A556 single carriage way road on your way back from home Manchester right? After originally starting the project in November 2014, work is still being carried out to create a modern dual carriage with one single road offering facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.

Having been involved in the project since January 2015, Stockdale Fencing were originally appointed to install stock fencing and temporary fencing to keep animals or public from entering the site as worked progressed. Since then, Stockdale Fencing have maintained a blossoming relationship and now install post and rail fencing. With the project expected to finish in spring 2017, Stockdale Fencing are now more than half way through installing over 20,000 meters of highway specification post and rail fencing.

Both CPCS and Lantra qualified Stockdale Fencing can erect post and rail fencing for any number of highway agencies

Rural Village Post and Rail Fencing

Only a couple of miles away from Northwich, Marston is surrounded in 350 hectares of the postcard-backdrop of the beautiful Cheshire countryside. Located on the Trent & Mersey canal, Marston is famously known as home to the industrial lion salt museum.

Appointed by the parrish councillor, Stockdale Fencing were tasked with supplying and fitting new post and rail fencing with horse netting to surround the new car park at Marston Village Hall. With a short turnaround, Stockdale Fencing also erected new galvanised entrance gates to allow better access and security for the car park.

International Livery Yard Post and Rail Fencing

Based in Congleton, Cheshire Somerford Park Farm is home to one of the country’s leading equestrian school venues offering training on all weather surfaces across a immaculate 80-acre cross country course. Owned by Andy Heffernan, the farm is a successful competition livery yard having hosted numerous high profile international events as well as developing quality horses to buy.

As a local Cheshire fencing contractor, we first erected post and rail fencing across the 80-acre cross county farm with other aspects of the job also including the installation of wooden gates for access along with implementing electric fencing to prevent the horses from chewing or damaging the newly installed fence.

If you are a Cheshire based livery yard or equestrian who are looking to replace or erect new fencing, why not get in touch with the post and rail fencing experts to discuss the right fencing options for you.

So what happens next…

So has you can see, the day in the life of a Cheshire fencing contractor is a very varied experience from one day to the next. With it only being a few weeks away from Christmas, we urge you to act now if you are looking for any post and rail fencing services over the busy period or heading into 2017. Contact your Cheshire fencing contractors on 07883 339617 or drop us a quick email at