Are all the fencing components rust proof?

What do you offer to ensure my fence will be completely rabbit proof?

What sort of rabbit fencing do you offer?

My field is very boggy, will you be able to fence it?

What sort of warranty do you offer?

How long is your quote valid for?

How should my fence be maintained once you have finished the job?

How long will the job take?

How soon can you start?

How many people will be working on my fencing job?

Do you use concrete to set the posts?

How deep do you set the fence posts?

Who is responsible for clean up?

Do you remove all of your own waste and materials?

Do you provide a full written contract?

When is payment required? Do you require a deposit?

Are your staff all qualified to operate the machinery for a civils or pipeline job?

Do you carry out civil fencing?

Where are you located?

How long has Stockdale Fencing been in business for?

What do you offer to ensure that my sheep won’t escape from the field?

My garden borders a busy public footpath, do you have a fence that will block out the sounds of people’s conversations when walking by my house?

How can you ensure the wood won’t rot over time?

My garden fence is next to a busy road, what sort of fencing do you offer that will stop dirt and debris from the road hitting the front of my house?

Do you carry out a risk assessment prior to working?

Do you provide written, itemised quotes?

Do I need to contact local utilities or do you do that?

Will you remove my old fence?

Do you offer any finishing services once my fence is installed?

Will adverse weather stop my work being carried out?

Do you have a portfolio of completed projects?

Are your workforce first aid trained?

Are your workforce trained to install newt fencing?

What kind of wood do you use for equine fencing?

What kind of nails do you use for post and rail fencing?

How do you ensure that my fence will be long lasting and durable?

Do I need to provide anything for your workforce when they’re on site?

Are your workforce insured?

Do you have a license?