Stockdale Fencing | Post and Rail Fencing | Christmas tree

It’s all been a bit doom and gloom this year but the festive season is fast approaching and no one can take the jingle of those festive bells away from us. With this in mind it seems appropriate to mention the comeback of our Christmas tree pop up shop here at Stockdale Fencing HQ (located between Holmes Chapel and Knutsford) at the end of November. We are yet to firm up how this will run due to the current restrictions in place but rest assured we will be here to help bring that Christmas cheer to Cheshire! Keep a look out for our Christmas pop up shop updates on our social media pages.

Stockdale Fencing | Post and Rail Fencing | Newt Shelter

It’s a busy time of year for the newt world. We have spent much of the last month creating Newt ponds and hibernacula for these protected species. Newts and their eggs, breeding sites and resting places are protected by law. Prior to fencing and other construction jobs we often get called in to build specialist newt fencing and habitats to ensure these species remain protected during and after installations.

The newt fence usually consists of a plastic membrane buried into the ground. It is then supported by timber posts placed at regular intervals along the line of the fence. The fence normally has a below ground horizontal return facing out of the site to minimise the risk of newts re-entering the site through the disturbed soil layer.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of your newt fencing enquiries; protect the newts!

Stockdale Fencing | Post and Rail Fencing | fence and hedge

Finally, we made it to May, after an unusual few month (and some more to come I’m sure) we have returned to the fields and are back open for business. We feel very lucky that here at Stockdale Fencing we work in the great outdoors and therefore it has allowed us to get back up and running, with some safety restrictions of course. Going forward we have safe and social distancing restrictions in place and strict hand washing and hygiene procedures to protect both our staff and customers.

We have five teams out across the whole of the North West who are already busy installing fencing. Projects currently include Great Crested Newt fencing on a new up and coming development, quarry footpath fencing, livestock fencing.. to name a few!

We are also delighted that we can continue to offer on-site quotes with social distancing measures in place. Whilst we’ve been in lockdown a few changes have been made at HQ, all to be revealed in the upcoming weeks. We’ve also taken a number of deliveries of materials during lockdown, so we are well stocked to supply and fit in the coming months. The month of May even saw over 1000 metres of wire delivered through our gates!

Stay safe and thank you for your continued support during these more difficult times!

Stockdale Fencing | Post and Rail Fencing | horserail

This month we bring you a special equine product feature piece about our highly popular and widely used Horserail fencing. Here at Stockdale Fencing we are one of the UK’s leading fencing contractors for supplying and fitting of Horserail. Horserail is renowned for being highly safe and durable whilst being adaptable to all forms and function. The way in which it is manufactured lends itself to that of a post and rail style fencing. Horserail is made up of a flexible polyethylene rail which is molecularly bonded to a high tensile wire. Available with a variety of safely installed and well insulated electrified strips and metal cores, Horserail helps prevent horses chewing and rubbing on the fence therefore prolonging the lifespan of the fence.

Available in white, black and brown Horserail is extremely visible to horses and helps them to easily define their boundary. It is flexible enough for installation but has the rigidity offered by the high tensile wire meaning there is little to no risk of horses becoming trapped or harmed. Furthermore, this fence also comes with a 30-year warranty, what’s not to love!

If you are in need of any equestrian fencing or want to find out any more information about Horserail please feel free to give us a call and we can advise accordingly!


Stockdale Fencing | Post and Rail Fencing | Fence and field

With winter almost behind us and a glimmer of Spring on the horizon now is the time to get those fences ready for action.

The recent heavy rainfall and strong winds has meant both internal and external damage has been caused across the country. Due to its often-exposed positioning fencing is one area which regularly falls victim to mother nature, particularly if the fence was already starting feel a little old and tired. Be sure to check your fencing for any damage big or small, if you do find yourself with a problem please get in touch and we’ll happily come out to repair, patch up or renew any fencing.

As we head into spring it is also vital you check your livestock and equine fencing for any signs of natural wear and tear. Often across the winter months grass levels are so much lower which causes horses to chew, rub or push against fences more as they have less to eat. With livestock turnout season ahead the best quality fencing is necessary to keep those animals safe and protected.

Spring is the best time of year to get your fencing, whatever the purpose, ready and prepared for the months ahead. Here at Stockdale Fencing we have a strong and well-informed knowledge base which allows us to provide the best quality fencing suitable for the specific job. Alongside this our installation and fitting are provided by a highly skilled and professional workforce. Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 07883 339617 and we’ll be happy to help with all of your fencing needs.

Stockdale Fencing | Post and Rail Fencing | Cheshire Show

2020 looks set to be a good one with lots of events and projects to look forward to. Last year saw a large spectrum of projects completed across the North West and this year sets to be the same. In recent years we have exhibited at local shows, unfortunately last summer was a bit of a wash out however we are back with full force this year and hoping for dryer conditions. We will be exhibiting at The Cheshire Show again in June along with The Cheshire Ploughing Match later in the summer.

There’s lot of exciting things to come and some big news, keep an eye out on our Facebook, Instagram and twitter pages for the big announcement. 2020 is going to a busy one and we can’t wait to share it with you. Thank you, as ever, for your continued support!

Stockdale Fencing | Stockproof Fencing | Team

2019 has been another busy year here at Stockdale Fencing. We have taken on projects small and large across the whole of the North West and beyond. Fencing has ranged from paddock and footpath fencing to golf course markers and newt fencing… to name a few! A rather rainy summer saw a very wet Cheshire Show in June but it didn’t put anyone off and it was another successful few days for Stockdale Fencing. The rain stopped play at both the Bolesworth Horse Show and the Cheshire Ploughing Match… fingers crossed for sunnier weather for next year’s show season! This year has also seen the installation of our very own wash station allowing us to keep all of our vehicles and machinery in clean and working order.

A big thank you to all of our customers and followers old and new for your continued support, we just want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year!

Stockdale Fencing | Post and Rail Fencing | Snowy Fence

Did you know that we offer more than just fencing? From the practical to the magical, here at Stockdale Fencing we’re here to cover all your winter needs.

If, like us, icy roads are your least favourite part of the season, be safe in the knowledge that Stockdale Fencing has a full fleet of gritting vehicles on hand. From a frozen car park to an icy country lane, we take on jobs day and night to prevent and reduce dangerous conditions.

We love a sprinkling of snow in Cheshire, that is until it hinders our festive plans. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered (for potential coverings) with our comprehensive snow ploughing service.

If you find yourself stuck this winter, call 07883 339617 and we’ll rescue you from all weather-related difficulties.

Is your field in a bit of frenzy? Is your garden wild rather than a winter wonderland? We have a dedicated team to help with overgrown areas of land and shrubbery. With the help of our tractor and diggers, we’ll neatly clear tracks through most terrains and help clear anything from trees, branches and hedges to brambles, gorse and weed.

Did someone mention Christmas?

We are beyond excited for the return of our pop-up Christmas tree shop, showcasing our premium homegrown trees in all desired shapes and sizes. From 29th November, we’ll be on hand 7 days a week, 7am-4pm to help choose a tree that gives your home the wow-factor this Christmas.

Stockdale Fencing | Post and Rail Fencing | Tom and Sign

2009 saw the start-up of a small, homegrown business by husband and wife duo, Tom and Veronica Stockdale. At this time Tom was the only employee, with a desk and a phone and a lot of bright ideas. Business at this point was generated by local farmers and word of mouth. Fast forward 10 years and a whole lot has changed. We now operate across the whole of the North West and the rest of the UK. We now cover a wide range of projects including agricultural; equestrian, newt, badger, HERAS, security, and acoustic fencing … to name a few. We also carry out a wide variety of bespoke projects which have included show jumps; cattle pens, horse pens, sport’s field fencing, wedding post and rope, and golf course posts. We have a full workforce both out on the road and ‘behind the scenes’ along with several pieces of the latest machinery and technology. The desk and phone have been replaced by two offices and a new purpose built shed. Stockdale Fencing is also one of the main sponsors of The Royal Cheshire County Show, something which Tom dedicates a lot of his time to being a committee member. Other sponsorship has included Sandbach RUFC, various eventing teams and Cheshire Polo. Not only all of the above, but the Stockdale family themselves have grown, welcoming three children in the last 6 years. Tom, Veronica and the rest of the team have worked tirelessly to make Stockdale Fencing what it is today. I think it’s fair to say they’ve had a very busy and successful ten years in the fencing industry, now to focus on the next ten years and what is has to bring. Happy birthday Stockdale Fencing!

Stockdale Fencing | Newt Fencing | Alcumus Accredited

We are proud to announce that Stockdale Fencing are now SafeContractor Accredited.

So what does that mean and how does it benefit you?
Here at Stockdale Fencing we have always taken health and safety very seriously and the SafeContractor health and safety accreditation ensures that we are fully compliant with health and safety legislation. SafeContractor has fully assessed our company to ensure we are complying with everything we should be. Our accreditation scheme assures our customers that we have met legal industry requirements and carry out our work safely.