This is a slow motion video of installing a large straining post with our Protech Evo 1 Slew. This machine boasts a 300kg plus weight combined with low ground pressure extending tracks. It also has the ability to slew round 120 degrees to access even the tightest of spaces.

The Northwest has seen some of the strongest storms during 2017 and now is the perfect time to check your fencing for damage.

As we fast approach turnout for livestock it is important to check your livestock fencing for any damage and assess general condition.

Stockdale fencing can offer any service from patching to renewing your livestock fence.

It is important that all horse fences are checked for any damage from the Winter months. As grass growth is less over winter horses can chew, push and rub fences more as they have less to eat.

Now is a good time to prepare for the year ahead. Stockdale fencing has extremely good knowledge and experience in supply and fitting all types of horse fencing. Post and rail, horse netting, Horserail and hotcote electric are to name just a few.

Stockdale fencing is looking forward to the Spring as it is our busiest time of year supplying and fitting fencing across the Northwest.

If you are thinking of having some fencing work done this Spring don’t delay call Tom on 07883339617 to discuss your requirements.

It’s that time of year again, the annual Cheshire Ploughing Match is fast approaching. (September 27th). The team at Stockdale fencing have been busy planning our stand and look forward to attending.

Some of our specialist fencing team will be on hand to discuss developments in fencing such as pressure treated creosote posts and advances in wire design.

We will also have a selection of our specialist fencing machinery on display along with several product samples of our most popular types of fencing we offer; Post and rail, Horse netting, Horse Rail, Electric fencing and Security fencing.

The show is an important part of Stockdale fencing’s calendar as we are a leading contractor in the North West and a specialist in agricultural fencing.

We all look forward to seeing past, present and future customers who are all are welcome to join us for a food and drinks.

See you there!


Stockdale Fencing | Fencing Low pressure ground working | Machinery

Stockdale fencing can now offer a complete low ground pressure package with the use of our latest tracked JCB Robot. This machine enables us to work in wet conditions with minimal impact to the ground.

Although we are in July these are some photos of a recent job we undertook where our tele-handler would not travel without getting stuck. The JCB Robot however was able to allow us to carry on fencing as well as leaving the ground with minimal disruption. Naturally this will be even more beneficial in the wetter seasons.

Low pressure ground working Low pressure ground working

On this job we attached our quick fencer to the JCB Robot to enable it dispense and tension our livestock fencing, again allowing us to work more efficiently.

This particular machine was extremely useful at handling fencing materials around the site without churning up the ground.


Stockdale Fencing | Wooden and Wire Fencing | Cheshire Show stand
Stockdale Fencing | Latest Machinery Fencing | Latest Machine

Over the past couple of years, I’m sure the new A556 dual carriageway work has affected or frustrated daily commute and travel plans for just about every driver in Cheshire! With the project first beginning in mid-November 2014, the existing A556 will become a single carriageway road with facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders alike.

With the project costing an estimated £191 million, the A556 Knutsford to Bowdon scheme reached a major milestone as drivers benefitted from the new, improved and safer journey route as the new free-flow arrangements with the M56 opened for the very first time in December 2016.

With the project expected to finished and open to the public in March 2017, read how post and rail fencing contractors Stockdale Fencing have been involved in the project for over two years in a variety of roles.


Livestock Fencing

Appointed as post and rail fencing contractors, Cheshire fencing contractors Stockdale originally first started work on the A556 Knutsford to Bowdon scheme in January 2015 and have seen great progression in the two years involved in the project. In that time, we have supplied and erected over 20,000 meters of highway specification fencing, the equivalent of just under 12.5 miles! Along with post and rail fencing, we were originally appointed to construct temporary livestock fencing to start with to mark out and secure the route safely to stop the public and animals from entering the site. From here, we included the addition of badger netting and livestock netting with barbed wire offering additional height in security and to stop larger animals from farms damaging any of the fencing.


Post and Rail Fencing

Not with just travellers in mind, we also fitted over 100 gates to provide easy highway access and to create new access for farmers and landowners. All gate furniture is galvanised and are fitted with adjustable field gate sets. With the new dual carriageway starting to take shape, our latest role involved in the project included installing strong, robust highway agency standard post and rail fencing which comes with a 25 year guarantee timber as permanent fencing. Available in a variety of heights, we use the finest diamond timber for Ireland for long lasting fencing.


Highway Fencing Contractors

As the project looks set to draw to a close, we are delighted to have been involved and working on the project for over the past two years and look forward to seeing the finished results. As CPCS and Lantra qualified operators, Stockdale Fencing operate to the highest of standards to comply with highway specifications so can work in a variety of roles on all major highway scheme projects. For all post and rail, livestock or highway fencing contractor enquiries, why not get in touch with the Cheshire post and rail fencing contractor experts.

Give Stockdale Fencing a call on 07883 338617 or send an email to for a no-obligation quote on a number of our fencing services.


With Spring swiftly approaching, the springtime season is usually associated with two different meanings. The first often signals the start of a warmer climate with renewal, regrowth and blooming of various wildlife springing from the ground. The other is the dreaded term “spring cleaning”. Although the term is loosely associated with housework, homeowners and equestrian centres alike often see the term spring cleaning as an opportunity to upgrade necessary household improvements such as replacing or erecting new fencing which is usually the reason why the demand for cheshire fencing contractors starts to rapidly increase when spring starts to arrive.


As the colder weather starts to disintegrate and the ground starts to dry out, our Cheshire fencing contractor experts will provide you with 3 reasons why you should look to hire Stockdale Fencing for all your agricultural, equestrian and domestic fencing needs when the demand for fencing starts to increase this spring.


Less impact on your landscape

With most trees, shrubs and plants becoming dormant and not likely to survive the colder climate, the start of spring signals the perfect time to install and erect any type of fencing as it’s far less damaging on your landscape. With this in mind and with a BSc degree in Agriculture, Stockdale Fencing can relocate or trim any existing bushes or plants that are near any current fences that will be replaced or potentially in any danger of where any new fencing may be installed meaning any plants or bushes are far less likely to be damaged during fence construction with minimum disruption.


Along with plants and shrubs, grass will have most likely gone dormant and won’t be affected by the equipment used when installing post and rail fencing meaning you will have plenty of time to treat the grass in time for when spring starts warming up.


Protect the safety of livestock

No matter what type or quality of fencing you have, sadly over time all types of fencing will start to erode due to the ever-changing weather elements or may be damaged by animals – All of which are sadly which are out of our control, regardless of how much you try to prolong your fencing.


With the ground starting to set firm, livestock and equestrian animals will start to return to the outside which may not be as animal proof as they once were before winter so as a cheshire fencing contractor, we always highly recommend conducting a full fencing inspection before letting any animals back outside. For total peace of mind knowing that your animals are safe and will continue to stay within the desired surroundings, springtime is usually when equestrian centres and farm yards alike will want to contact a fencing contractor in cheshire to help replace or erect new post and rail fencing, livestock fencing and electric fencing.


Prepare for Winter Elements

Now, I know you are probably questioning why you should consider winter at this time of year. Well the truth is, if your fencing has already started to crack and rot, it’s only going to erode and get more damaged overtime. Spring doesn’t always guarantee warmer weather and the summer heat can also expand the material as the year goes on, your fencing needs to be in great shape to prepare for the winter elements.  


Contact Stockdale Cheshire Fencing Contractors

As the weather starts to dry and warm up, fencing starts to become landowners focus which can lead to higher costs and longer wait times for installation due to the high volume of customers with most Fencing Contractors in Cheshire. However, Stockdale Fencing has grown its business to cope with high demand with the capacity to run three tracked post knockers two telehandlers and a JCB Fastrac which enables Stockdale Fencing to offer a short lead times and a much faster response. Give us a call on 01565 722 793 or for all your commercial, residential and equestrian fencing enquiries.

A busy month for Cheshire Fencing Contractors

It’s been a very busy few weeks here at Stockdale Fencing! As a matter of fact, I would say a very busy few months, with the build up to Christmas always proving to be the busiest period for any Cheshire fencing contractors. Just to prove we have actually been busy with various projects, I thought this would be the perfect platform to display just a small selection of various post and rail fencing, horse fencing and various other fencing contractor projects we have been up to recently…

A556 Motorway Post and Rail Fencing

I’m sure by now you have probably come across the confusing new A556 single carriage way road on your way back from home Manchester right? After originally starting the project in November 2014, work is still being carried out to create a modern dual carriage with one single road offering facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.

Having been involved in the project since January 2015, Stockdale Fencing were originally appointed to install stock fencing and temporary fencing to keep animals or public from entering the site as worked progressed. Since then, Stockdale Fencing have maintained a blossoming relationship and now install post and rail fencing. With the project expected to finish in spring 2017, Stockdale Fencing are now more than half way through installing over 20,000 meters of highway specification post and rail fencing.

Both CPCS and Lantra qualified Stockdale Fencing can erect post and rail fencing for any number of highway agencies

Rural Village Post and Rail Fencing

Only a couple of miles away from Northwich, Marston is surrounded in 350 hectares of the postcard-backdrop of the beautiful Cheshire countryside. Located on the Trent & Mersey canal, Marston is famously known as home to the industrial lion salt museum.

Appointed by the parrish councillor, Stockdale Fencing were tasked with supplying and fitting new post and rail fencing with horse netting to surround the new car park at Marston Village Hall. With a short turnaround, Stockdale Fencing also erected new galvanised entrance gates to allow better access and security for the car park.

International Livery Yard Post and Rail Fencing

Based in Congleton, Cheshire Somerford Park Farm is home to one of the country’s leading equestrian school venues offering training on all weather surfaces across a immaculate 80-acre cross country course. Owned by Andy Heffernan, the farm is a successful competition livery yard having hosted numerous high profile international events as well as developing quality horses to buy.

As a local Cheshire fencing contractor, we first erected post and rail fencing across the 80-acre cross county farm with other aspects of the job also including the installation of wooden gates for access along with implementing electric fencing to prevent the horses from chewing or damaging the newly installed fence.

If you are a Cheshire based livery yard or equestrian who are looking to replace or erect new fencing, why not get in touch with the post and rail fencing experts to discuss the right fencing options for you.

So what happens next…

So has you can see, the day in the life of a Cheshire fencing contractor is a very varied experience from one day to the next. With it only being a few weeks away from Christmas, we urge you to act now if you are looking for any post and rail fencing services over the busy period or heading into 2017. Contact your Cheshire fencing contractors on 07883 339617 or drop us a quick email at

Within the last few years, equestrian fencing has really emerged and developed with the introduction of a number of new fencing options such as horse rail, hot cote and equine fencing to name a few. As fencing contractors in Cheshire, we firmly believe each type of equestrian fencing offers their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages from costs to ease of installation.

Well, just like how you wouldn’t protect an expensive painting with a cheap frame, the same example should, and must, be applied when it comes to looking after your horses!  As experts in equestrian fencing with over 10 years experience as Cheshire fencing contractors, we have put together a comprehensive introduction to the 3 best equestrian fencing options available to keep your stables, riding centres and farms as secure and safe as possible for your horses.

Electric Fencing

Electric equestrian fencing are very cost-effective and are relatively easy to install which makes them a very popular fencing option. Available in all types and colours, electric fencing can be implemented as a stand-alone fencing option or could be used in conjunction with several other types of fencing options such as post and rail and equinet fencing. When installed with other fencing, electric fencing usually increases the effectiveness, durability and longevity of other fencing materials as it prevents horses from leaning or chewing on them.

Only using the best insulator and tensioning tools on the market, Stockdale Fencing guarantee only a gentle shock will be applied but horses usually learn rapidly after one experience to avoid leaning or chewing on them to provide a strong, durable fence.  

As fencing contractor experts in Cheshire, we can supply and fit electric fencing units and offer advice and support on how to manage your electric fencing. We recommend HotCote to all our new and existing clients which is a 10mm line that’s longer lasting and stronger that the typical electrical tape as it’s more weather resistant and can be easily re-tensioned over time.

Post and Rail Fencing

Post and Rail fencing is a traditional choice which still remains very popular today. Traditional post and rail fencing continues to be aesthetically pleasing and can enhance any equestrian property. The fencing is attractive, durable and relatively long-lasting for the typical British seasons and is usually very easy for horses to see and remain within their desired boundaries. As fencing contractor Cheshire specialists, Stockdale Fencing can supply and install post and rail fencing in 2, 3 and 4 rail options in various heights available to suit any sized equestrian animal.

Much like electric fencing, we offer all our new and existing clients products that will complement any type of equestrian fencing. For post and rail fencing, we can recommend and install sheep netting which can easily be attached for smaller livestock along with any electrical tape to prevent any rubbing or chewing. Get in touch with your fencing contractor experts in Cheshire for more information.

Horse Netting / Equinet Fencing

Also known as ‘Horse Netting’, equine fencing is a relatively new fencing technology that has been developed and designed for horses. Made from 2.5mm HT galvanised wire, the fencing is 110cm tall and much like sheep netting, provides small netting in the holes so the horses fee cannot pass through it. This particular style of fencing is extremely popular next to footpaths and walkways because this fence can keep any sized dogs out to protect your horses from being disrupted or even chased…

Similar in how sheep netting is implemented, we erect this particular style of fencing with straining posts at the ends where the wire is tensioned to give a strong, ridged fence that is supported by intermediate posts every 3.5 metres. Proving to be a very versatile option, as fencing contractors in Cheshire, this particular fencing option is popular to help protect dogs, sheep, goats and alpacas.

As industry leaders at the forefront of equniet fencing, stockdale fencing can provide a strand of electrical fencing to prevent any animals or humans from trying to enter or leaning into the fencing when horses are about. For other types of animals, we can also erect plain, barbed wire or sheep netting to achieve the same goal.

Why should you choose Stockdale Fencing as your Cheshire Fencing Contractors?

It’s simple really… with over 10 years experience within the equestrian fencing industry, we are one of fencing contractor industry leaders within the Cheshire area. Having owned and managed a full-livery yard for a number of years, we have the ability to advice and install the best possible fencing solutions to meet the demands of the customer with a special emphasis on horse safety.

Contact your Cheshire fencing contractor specialists for a free, no-obligation quote now to discuss your equestrian fencing needs. Give us a call on 01565 722 793 or drop us a quick email by sending your questions to